About us

Our philosophy

Every player possesses a different combination of attributes and levels of ability and must be coached according to this unique combination. This results in a process of teaching and learning that is individual to every player. Within a group session we at Sports Hive appreciate that every player is different so our coaching style is to adapt and help all members of the group as opposed to thinking that everyone in the group is the same and should be coached via the same method.

We consider a holistic approach that benefits the player by helping to unleash their full potential. This approach considers all aspects of a player’s technical and physical abilities and, most importantly, his/her mental attitude which is often overlooked as the single most important factor in determining success on the court. It is essential to take the time to find out what makes a player “tick.” We believe there is a key to freeing the player’s mind so that they can process the information being offered by our coaches. When the player finds that key via the coach they are now able to attain a higher level of play based on his/her personal talents.

You should feel that the lesson is uniquely tailored to you and taught by a trained professional who enjoys teaching and being on the court with you. Our goal is to inspire and offer a positive, high quality approach in all of the tennis related areas: physical, technical, tactical, strategic, mental/emotional, and environmental.

About Sports Hive Tennis Coaching

Sports Hive are a tennis provider in West London set up by Director and Head Coach Dominic Rice who has coached and managed tennis locally for the past twelve years. Sports Hive tennis coaches develop, create and inspire all levels of tennis players through a personal, professional and passionate approach.

We strive to maximise the potential of every single player regardless of age, ability or background. Individual and personal attention are fundamental - we want every player to feel the coaching they receive is unique to them and their individual needs with players' on-court experiences tailored to meet the objectives of each person.

Sports Hive believe in providing a fun, family and community-based environment for people to play tennis and enjoy professional coaching, help and advice both on and off court.