West London Summer Ladies Doubles League 2020

Sports Hive is running a Summer Ladies Doubles League this year following the cancellation of organised Middlesex fixtures. The idea is to provide local teams in West London with some competitive play.

There are 6 teams,  fixtures are  to be completed by the end of September.
Rules are:

  • Teams will consist of 2 pairs who will play 2 tie-break sets against their opponents
  • Players must be Members of the Club
  • Order of play: Round 1: 1 v 1, 2 v 2     Round 2: 1 v 2, 2 v 1
  • Two (2) points will be awarded for each set won. The points for any unfinished sets will be divided equally
  • The League will be decided by match victories then points if teams are tied
  • Away team will provide the 2 cans of match balls to balance out some teams hosting more home games than others
  • Match days and start times are to be decided between captains, weekends are fine

Results can be found here.

Round 1

Northfield Ladies Team v Actonians
West Middlesex v Wycombe House
Hurlingham v Gunnersbury Triangle

Round 2

Wycombe House v Northfield Ladies Team
Gunnersbury Triangle v Actonians
Hurlingham v West Middlesex

Round 3

Northfield Ladies Team v Gunnersbury Triangle
Wycombe House v Hurlingham
Actonians v West Middlesex

Round 4

Hurlingham v Northfield Ladies Team
West Middlesex v Gunnersbury Triangle
Actonians v Wycombe House

Round 5

Northfield Ladies Team v West Middlesex
Hurlingham v Actonians
Gunnersbury Triangle v Wycombe House