LTA Youth Start

Looking for something new for your child? LTA Youth Start can help bring out the best in them – both on and off the tennis court. This course is aimed at children aged between 4 and 6 years old that have never picked up a tennis racket before.

Cost of the course is £29.99 (+£5 P&P), it will get you: six top-class tennis sessions with specially trained coaches; a tennis racket and set of balls; a branded t-shirt; activity cards, a lanyard, stickers and a certificate (provided by the coach).

Tennis is a naturally socially distant sport, and with these measures in place is widely considered to be a safe, low-risk activity. However, to support coaches in keeping sessions as safe as possible, parents are encouraged to:

  • Ensure kids bring their own racket and wristbands supplied in the participant pack. In the event your pack has not yet arrived, the coach will provide an appropriately cleaned racket and alternative solution for wristbands
  • Maintain physical distancing with other adults whilst watching sessions
  • Follow any additional guidance provided by coaches or the venue where sessions are taking place
LTA Youth Start Classes – Age Group 4-6yrs – Saturdays 9am
09/09 – 14/09 Book here